Летний курс А

Course level


Sample material

This course will enable you to:

  • Express your views, share ideas and form questions in a clearer and more efficient way
  • Use synonyms and paraphrase 
  • Boost listening and reading skills
  • Expand vocabulary
  • Improve your understanding of grammatical constructions and sentence structure
  • Learn interesting (perhaps, less known) facts about Russian culture, society and history

Course programme

Lesson 1
How do people of various ages view the position of women in modern Russian society?
Lesson 2
People share their most treasured childhood memories
Lesson 3
Passers-by answer the question “What does happiness mean to you?”
Lesson 4
Etiquette and body language in Russia
Lesson 5
Agafia Lykova – a Russian Old Believer who has lived alone in the taiga for most of her life
Lesson 6Revision

Study materials

  • Fragments of a popular Siberian TV Show “Утро на Енисее” 
  • Short articles from the Internet adapted to required level
  • A variety of engaging activities for practice and consolidation 
  • Each video comes with a transcript and a glossary
  • Each text comes with a glossary and an audio recording

All course materials are prepared by the teacher.

Lesson date and time

Date: 5, 7, 12, 14, 19, 21 September (Mondays and Wednesdays)
Time: 18.30-20.30

Lesson duration

Group lesson: 120 minutes

One-to-one lesson: 90 minutes (contact me to arrange)

Where does the course take place?

Zoom video. Here is the link to Zoom website that will open in a new tab if you’d like to find out more about it.

If you are new to Zoom we can test your connection before you sign up for the course!

Before each lesson

  • Students will be expected to watch a video / read a short text and then complete 2-3 tasks prior to each lesson which will be checked and discussed at the start of the lesson. Each video is 3-4 minutes long.

After the lesson you will receive (by email)

  • Zoom chat from the lesson + lesson notes
  • Homework and materials for the next lesson
  • A link to the video and audio recordings of the texts

I look forward to meeting you on the course!