В газетах пишут… 

The course is back with a selection of new  topics!

Course level


This course will help you

  • Expand your knowledge of grammatical structures widely used in the language of the press and gain a better understanding of sentence structures
  • Enrich your vocabulary: learn useful words and phrases for such popular topics as education, technology, migration and life in big cities
  • Express your views and form questions about the subject of discussion

 Course materials

  • Short newspaper articles (slightly adapted to the required level)
  • Supplementary materials with class activities and exercises
  • Audio recordings of the articles (slow version and natural speed version)

All course materials are prepared by the teacher.

Course programme

Урок 1: Технологии. Лучше реальной жизни? Компьютерные игры.

Урок 2: Миграция. Мифы о мигрантах.

Урок 3: Жизнь в больших городах. Париж. Как можно сделать свой город более комфортным и чистым?

Урок 4: Туризм: моральный кодекс для российских туристов.

Урок 5: Повторение уроков 1-4.

Lesson duration

Group lesson: 120 minutes

One-to-one lesson: 90 minutes

Where does the course take place?

Zoom video. Here is the link to Zoom website that will open in a new tab if you’d like to find out more about it.

If you are new to Zoom we can test your connection before you sign up for the course!

Before each lesson

  • You will be expected to read a short article. A file will be emailed to you  along with a glossary one week before the lesson. Please note that the glossary is provided to assist you, not to be memorised.
  • Lesson handouts will be emailed to you one week in advance prior to the lesson. There is no requirement to study them before the lesson.

In the lesson

  • Q&A session to give you the opportunity to clarify and discuss challenging parts in the article
  • Brief revision of previous lesson(s)
  • Activities for practice and consolidation of useful grammatical constructions and vocabulary from the article
  • Discussions, interviews, small presentations

After the lesson you will receive (by email)

  • Zoom chat from the lesson
  • Homework instructions and materials for the next lesson
  • Audio recordings of the article (slow version and natural speed version) for revision and pronunciation practice

How to submit your homework

  • It can be typed in the email or Word document and then emailed to the teacher
  • You can take a picture of your work and email it to the teacher as an attachment from your phone or computer

I look forward to meeting you on the course!